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0000259QElectroTechotherpublic2022-04-08 19:19
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Summary0000259: 0.8.1 tarball
DescriptionRecently the commit ea978c5e248afa99bce132fc7161699f9fde0680 has been tagged as 0.8.1 but I do not find any official tarball.

Is this a release? Is there any way to download that tarball?

I'm maintaining the AUR package for ArchLinux and downloading the tarball from GitHub: is that the preferred way?
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2022-04-08 18:04

administrator   ~0000554

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We haven't announced the 0.8.1 bug fix tag yet, but it shouldn't be long now.
However, you are free to provide a more complete and less buggy version than the 0.8 official release.


2022-04-08 19:19

reporter   ~0000555

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Thank you for the clarification, @scorpio810

I'm not in a hurry: I was just wondering if the 0.8.1 release was planned. The build script needs a tarball, so I'll wait.

Fill free to close this issue whenever you prefer, i.e. now or when you make the release.

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