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Summary0000258: Custom Title Block information's don't allow wrap text
DescriptionWhen using the custom title block information tab, the text does not wrap within the cell. You can set the text to automatically scale, however, if you have a notes section in the title block it produces one line that shrinks until you are unable to read it. This should wrap the text in the confinements of the cell size.

Below in the comments outlines a method to edit the Title Block when it has static text. This does not fix the issue. The reason being is that the title block template custom value is empty. There is no static text within that value.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new title block or edit an existing one. Add a custom tag %(test). Save the title block. Create a new project, add the title block to the project and double click on it. Under Title Block Information, click on custom. Under name add test. under value type a long sentence. Depending on the size of the cell the text will either extend passed it or if you have auto-scale. it will shrink the text until it is unreadable
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This outlines editing text that is already present but this should be fixed for dynamic text entered.

For e.g., If I have a notes section that is entered each time a new project is created. How do I make sure that depending on the length of the note, the text wraps?

Adding new lines in the cell text properties no longer works as shown in the one image of that topic! Looks like it is dependent on the language however you cant have multiple of the same language. as soon as you click ok it removes everything except the one.


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Here is an example of this.

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