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0000222QElectroTechtranslationpublic2021-01-08 15:03
ReporterJanB Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
OSWin 10 Pro 64bitOS Version19041.685 
Product VersionSVN/branches/0.x 
Summary0000222: Language stays on French after changing it from English to another language
DescriptionSee ID0000138, same problem.
Installed version: V0.80-rc+git7025-1 win64
Default OS language: German
Steps To Reproduce1) Download QElectroTech
2) Start first time
3) Go to settings and change language to "German"
4) Close application
5) Start application
Result: Application language is set to French. Settings show "Allemand". Changing to a different language doesn't have any effect.
Additional InformationOnly resolvable by reinstalling.


related to 0000138 resolved changing language does not work 


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