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0000212QElectroTechwebsitepublic2021-02-15 19:03
ReporterBisku Assigned Toblack_sun  
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OSWindows 10OS Version20H2 
Summary0000212: Element editor shows wrong source of text on folio references
DescriptionI have modified folio referencing in my user collection to show not only the link poosition but also mention the voltage/protocoll entry of the connecting wire to give extra information (see elements attached).

When I tried to change the displayed element information I noticed that current RC doesn't recognize the element if I switch between different elements. But when saving the file I noticed it actually wrote the correct information into the file.

Seems like it is just the information show in the element editor, that is not correct.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a new element
2. Go to element properties and set base type to reference folio following
3. Insert two dynamic text fields
4. Select first text and change the source to element information / voltage/protocol
5. Select second text and change the source to element information / label
6. Click on first element again and it will show element information as "function"
   (but don't do changes)
7. Click on second element - same here.
8. Add a terminal and save the file
9. Open file in text editor: it saved the "original" information "voltage/protocol" and "label".

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2021-02-15 19:03

developer   ~0000496

Fixed in git 30858f9a4d4f5899744ff7684c6d36c8ad7447c3

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