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0000173QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2019-07-20 20:06
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Summary0000173: List of folios overwriting changes

When I insert a list of folios page, and change the title block, folioname/author/date, this information is lost when saving and reopening the file. Might this be because it is regenerated?
I would expect the changed to be kept, and only the index regenerated (or not be regenerated unless requested).
Steps To Reproduce- insert list of folios
- change title block (to custom adaptation of the default, but with the name 'sheet')
- change folioname/author/date
- save document
- close document
- open document
- now the list of folios is named 'list of folios' again and the titleblock is set to the default qet titleblock
Additional InformationQElectroTech V 0.70-dev+svn5685
Compilation: GCC 5.4.0 20160609 - built with Qt 5.5.1 - run with Qt 5.9.5 using 4 thread(s)
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scorpio810 (administrator)

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yes folios page is generated on the fly and not saved, make your changes in title block folios.
folios page use titleblock new folio setting in your project config.


scorpio810 (administrator)

Btw, you could use search and replace widget for big changes in your project.

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