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 +====== Using QElectroTech as a contributor ======
 +This page is aimed at contributors of QElectroTech (developers,​ packagers, translators,​ etc.) and also at people who want to follow closely the development of the program. This page explains how to easily update QElectroTech on a regular basis.
 +===== Check out Subversion of branch 0.3 =====
 +<​code>​svn co "​svn+ssh://​username@svn.tuxfamily.org/​svnroot/​qet/​qet/​branches/​0.3"​ qelectrotech</​code>​
 +If you do not have access to the Subversion repository (that happens mainly when you are a user), then you can only use a anonymous checkout:
 +<​code>​svn co svn://​svn.tuxfamily.org/​svnroot/​qet/​qet/​branches/​0.3 qelectrotech</​code>​
 +===== Updating your working =====
 +When you want to see if there are novelties in the Suversion repository, then go to your working directory and do 
 + <​code>​svn up</​code>​
 +===== Compilation =====
 +In your working directory:
 +  * regenerate the Makefile, especially if you have added some files, use ''​qmake''​ or ''​qmake-qt4''​ depending on your operating system
 +  * compile the program with ''​make release''​
 +  * if you experience a crash and would like to have staktrace, then you will need a compiled version with the symbol debug: ''​make debug''​
 +  * if you want to recompile everything from scratch, use ''​make clean''​
 +  ​
 +===== Use =====
 +It is quite complicated to install QElectroTech when you are using a check out from Subversion ; you have to uninstall it (make uninstall), then install it again (make install) and finally clean the directories .svn that may have been copied by the installation in the system directory. An easier alternative is to launch QElectroTech from your working directory:
 +This script use the collection in the directory ''​elements/''​ and the translations (files .qm) from the directory ''​lang/''​. The arguments that are given are transferred to the program:
 +<​code>​misc/​launch_qet.sh ~/​mon_schema.qet</​code>​
 +Note for translators:​ the option REDEFINE_LANG allow you to change the language in QElectroTech when it is launched by the script.
 +  ​