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 +.TH QELECTROTECH 1 "​AUGUST 2008" QElectroTech "User Manual"​
 +===== NAME =====
 +qelectrotech - Electric diagrams editor
 +===== SYNOPSIS =====
 +**qelectrotech [%%--%%common-elements-dir**=//​DIR//​**] [%%--%%config-dir-elements-dir**=//​DIR//​**]
 +===== DESCRIPTION =====
 +QElectroTech is an electric diagrams editor. Diagrams (*.qet) and electric elements (*.elmt) are stored using the XML format.
 +The elements that can be used in diagrams may come from the common collection or from the user's custom collection.
 +Typically, the common collection is readable by all users but it can't be edited by them.
 +Each user owns its custom collection he can modify as he want
 +===== OPTIONS =====
 +  * **%%--%%common-elements-dir**=//​DIR//​
 +Uses DIR as the common collection root directory. Note: this option is enabled only if the %%QET_ALLOW_OVERRIDE_CED_OPTION%% directive has been specified at compilation time.
 +  * **%%--%%config-dir**=//​DIR//​
 +Uses DIR as the current user's configuration directory. This directory hosts a file named qelectrotech.conf,​ which contains the application configuration,​ and a subdirectory named elements, which contains the user's elements collection. ​ Note: this option is enabled only if the %%QET_ALLOW_OVERRIDE_CD_OPTION%% directive has been specified at compilation time.
 +  * **%%--%%lang-dir**=//​DIR//​
 +Looks for the application translation files in the directory DIR.
 +  * **%%--%%help**
 +Displays a short description of the available options.
 +  * **-v, %%--%%version**
 +Displays the application version (e.g.: 0.1).
 +  * **%%--%%license**
 +Displays the application license (GNU/GPL).
 +Note that if one of the three last options is specified in the command line, the programs stops after having displayed the adequate information.
 +If an instance of the application launched by the user is still running, this instance will consider the command line, and notably the files to open.
 +However, options that redefine directories (common collection, configuration and translation files) will not be considered.
 +If a filename ends with .elmt, QElectroTech will try to open it into an element editor.
 +Otherwise, it will consider it as diagrams.
 +===== AUTHORS =====
 +  * Benoît Ansieau <​benoit.ansieau@gmail.com>​
 +  * Xavier Guerrin <​xavier.guerrin@gmail.com>​
 +===== REPORTING BUGS =====
 +If you encounter a behavior in the application that looks unusual to you, browse our FAQ <​http://​qelectrotech.org/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=doc:​faq>​ and our BugTracker <​http://​qelectrotech.org/​bugtracker/>​ to check if the problem is already known. In the negative, please submit a bugreport via the BugTracker. ​
 +===== COPYRIGHT =====
 +Copyright © QElectroTech developers.
 +License: GNU/GPL v2+: <​http://​www.gnu.org/​licenses/​old-licenses/​gpl-2.0.html>​
 +This program is a free software. You can modify and redistribute it. It is provided as is and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
 +===== SEE ALSO =====
 +Official website: <​http://​qelectrotech.org/>​