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 +====== ChangeLog from 0.22 to 0.3a ======
 +Note: this page aims at providing a summary of all modifications from version 0.22 to version 0.3a of QElectroTech.
 +===== Application =====
 +  * Elements collection: QElectroTech now provides **1465 elements** within 233 categories (0.22 provided **153** elements within 51 categories). Most elements are related to electricity though some relate to chillers, solar, hydraulic and pneumatic ​ engineering.
 +  * A new kind of collections appeared to store title block templates; as for elements, there is a distinction between common (system-wide) templates and custom (user-wide) templates.
 +  * Translations:​
 +    * English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Czech translations have been maintained.
 +    * Russian translations have been removed because they are not maintained anymore.
 +    * Polish, German, Italian, Arabic and Croatian translations have been added.
 +    * Following translation to Arabic, some work was done to improve Right-To-Left languages support.
 +    * Elements names are fully translated to English, French, Czech and Polish.
 +  * Main windows: added a "​What'​s this?" action.
 +  * QElectroTech now handles *.titleblock files.
 +===== Diagram editor =====
 +  * It is now possible to move and rotate all texts on a diagram : element texts, conductor texts and independent texts.
 +    * When moving a text related to an electrical element, this element is highlighted.
 +    * Texts related to a conductor cannot be moved too far away from it.
 +  * It is now possible to create diagrams with more than 100 rows/​columns.
 +  * Elements panel:
 +    * During a drag and drop operation, the hovered item is now expanded after a short time not moving the mouse.
 +    * Items are now expanded/​collapsed by a double click.
 +    * Common, custom and embedded collections of title block templates are displayed within the elements panel.
 +    * Elements previews and names are now cached into a SQLite database stored in the user configuration directory, thus speeding up the elements panel (re)loading
 +    * The elements panel now displays the folio index before each diagram title.
 +    * UI consistency:​ renamed "​Import element"​ to "Open an element file", separated this action from those related to the current selection, and ensured elements-related actions are disabled when selecting a project/​diagram/​title block template.
 +    * Freshly integrated elements are now highlighted in the elements panel -- this behaviour can be disabled though.
 +    * When clearing the search field, the panel state is restored to its previous state.
 +  * Title blocks are now rendered using //​templates//:​
 +    * For each diagram, users can choose the template to be used in the diagram properties.
 +    * They may also drag and drop it from the elements panel to the diagram.
 +    * Title block templates are always integrated within the parent project.
 +  * Fixed a bug in the print preview dialog.
 +  * Added a F2 shortcut for the widget "Edit the color of the given conductor"​.
 +  * As elements, diagrams now have a "​version"​ attribute for compatibility purposes.
 +  * Better handling of file opening for documents saved with newer versions of QElectroTech.
 +  * Diagram loading: removed an optimization that could lead to conductors not being loaded when several terminals share the same coordinates.
 +  * Users may now enter visualisation mode by pressing Ctrl and Shift.
 +  * Printing: when printing diagrams with no title block, use the space left by the title block.
 +  * Added a few status and "​What'​s this?" tips.
 +  * Got rid of the green icon used for projects, changed a few other icons.
 +===== Element editor ======
 +  * Both static and dynamic texts can now be rotated
 +  * Added "​dotted"​ line style
 +  * Added white color for texts
 +  * Newly added parts are placed above existing ones.
 +===== Title block template editor =====
 +A third kind of editor was implemented so users can create their own title block templates:
 +  * It allows users to customize the layout and content of cells that constitute the title block.
 +  * Cells can be merged and splitted.
 +  * Their width can be fixed, relative to the total width or relative to the remaining widths.
 +  * Their height is a simple fixed length.
 +  * They contain either a logo (be it in SVG or a usual bitmap format) or some text.
 +  * The text value is optionally preceded by a label.
 +  * As other texts within QElectroTech,​ labels and texts can be translated to other languages.
 +  * Texts and labels may contain variables (e.g. %company-name);​ these variables are replaced by real world values once the template is applied to a diagram.
 +  * Those real-world values can be set among the diagram properties.