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Faster, you damned panel!
by xavier on 09/10/2011 at 18:57:18

Once again, we managed to be mute during two months. But we have not been inactive since the latest news:
  • Our elements collection now contains 1123 elements within 179 categories.
  • A few improvements and bugfixes in the elements panel or when opening files.
  • Pressing F2 now allows to quickly change the colour of a conductor.
  • The elements panel now displays the folio index right before its title.
  • We implemented a SQLite-based cache to speed up the elements panel loading.
  • We also stopped loading the whole collection in memory, therefore speeding up the start time and sparing a lot of memory, especially when the SQLite cache is filled.

The elements repository is concerned too:
  • a bug in the generation of ZIP archives has been fixed
  • from now on, the elements collection as it can be found in our 0.3 branche will be synced to the "collection_officielle" directory every hour.

See you!
New Debian repository (oh, also a summary of our hibernation)
by xavier on 14/08/2011 at 14:21:28

It's been a long time since our latest news, so here is a loose summary of what you missed:
  • The Debian repository for those of you who want the latest builds is now
  • QElectroTech is now available in Italian, thanks to Alessandro Conti.
  • Czech and Polish translations are actively maintained by Pavel and Pawel.
  • Laurent's work now gives us a collection of 1014 electrical elements within 171 categories.
  • All improvements made in the trunk have been merged into our 0.3 branch; all work done on QElectroTech now takes place in this branch.
  • A progress bar has been added to show the elements panel (re)loading progress. On long-term, a cache shall be implemented to get rid of those annoying wait times.
  • Title block templates now can be internationalized -- note this required changes in the previously-defined format, thus leading to very first, old templates not being well handled anymore.
  • Work on the title block template editor has begun but is progressing slowly due to professionnal constraints. Note no code has been commited yet since what you can see below is more of an experimental playground in terms of code and ergonomy.
(sorry, French screenshot, ...)

As usual, we'd like to remember our project is still looking for C++/Qt developers having free time and wishing to contribute to QElectroTech : )
Improvements on title block customization
by xavier on 09/01/2011 at 16:37:35

Work on customized title blocks continues with the introduction today of customized name/value pairs that may be used by title block templates. Demonstration:

1 - We start with a custom title block template, having a field whose label is "Status" and value is "%status":

2 - We edit the diagram properties and use that new tab to associate the "status" variable name with a value specific to the current diagram (here, "draft"):
Note that you can store here various name/value pairs, even if they are not used by the current title block template. They are just data related to this diagram -- you may display them in the future using another title block template.

3 - Finally, we apply these settings and our title block is immediately updated:

Next steps imply creating a user-friendly template editor. The current one is still aimed at very advanced users (you have to edit XML code directly), although an "Integrate a logo" button has been added for convenience.

See you soon !
Your Christmas present: QElectroTech is back
by xavier on 25/12/2010 at 00:32:03

After a long time without any news from me, here is a Christmas news to recall that the QElectroTech project is still alive. So alive the work has begun in our 0.3 branch on a regularly requested feature: the customized title blocks : )

So, how will it work?

Customized title blocks will be rendered through templates, i.e. HTML-like descriptions of what your title block should look like.
These templates will be embedded in project files:

and will be assignable to each diagram individually:

They will allow you to specify both the layout and the content of the various cells. This content may include an optional label, some text containing placeholders for diagram values but also logos, both bitmap (PNG, JPEG, ...):

.. and SVG:

However, for the moment, the provided editor is basic, non-WYSIWYG and not intuitive at all:

It is temporary of course ;)

The following page provides a commented example of title block template code:
That's all for today -- Merry Christmas and see you soon for other news ;)

No code added , but a lot of surprises
by scorpio810 on 05/11/2010 at 13:33:01
Bonjour ,

Alors si le code de Qet n'a point changé depuis la dernière news ( bien qu'un membre avait commencé à travailler sur la numérotation automatique des conducteurs / références croisées ) , nous ne sommes pas restés les bras croisés pour autant : p

La branche trunk du svn (sois l'ancienne stable 0.22 ) contient : 248 elements dans 68 catégories
La branche 0.3 du svn contient : 477 elements dans 113 catégories
soit le double de symboles : p

À noter le magnifique travail de l’équipe polonaise de pawel sur le quickstart_guide , il à été ajouté aux sources de Qet et devrait servir de base pour les autres langues .

Ainsi que plusieurs projets Qet rajoutés aux sources :

screencast sur la liste des symboles de l'actuelle 0.3


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