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WANTED: new images for the web site gallery
by Nuri on 31/01/2017 at 09:41:55

Hello QElectroTech users,

the developers team wants to renew and refresh the image gallery of the web site shown at this address:

We need the most beautiful diagrams or other graphic stuffs you made with QET to show its capabilities.
The images should not only contain electric diagrams. They can also show pneumatic, hydraulic, process, PID or logic diagrams... or anything else!

Please send your images before 13.02.2017 to:

do not take a screenshot! Use the export function (File --> Export) of QET to create the images.
Export them as .PNG and set the height at 1200 pixels.
If your images contain sensitive data you don't want to expose on the internet, please remove them by yourself. After receipt of your images, we won't changed them.

Thank you!


Utilisateurs de QElectroTech, bonjour !

l'équipe de développement souhaiterait renouveller et rafraîchir la gallerie d'images exposée à l'adresse :

Nous avons besoin des plus beaux schémas ou autres graphismes que vous ayez réalisés avec QET pour montrer ses capacités.
Les images ne doivent pas seulement contenir des schémas électriques. Elles peuvent également montrer des schémas pneumatiques, hydrauliques, de procédés, de logique... ou n'importe quoi d'autre !

Veuillez envoyer vos images avant le 13.02.2017 à :

ne faites pas de capture d'écran ! Utilisez la fonction d'exportation (Fichier --> Exporter) de QET pour créer les images.
Exportez-les en tant que .PNG et fixer leur hauteur à 1200 pixels.
Si vos images contiennent des données sensibles que vous ne souhaitez pas exposer sur internet, veuillez les retirer par vous-même. Après réception de vos images, nous ne les modifierons pas.

Merci !
New elements fluids in the collection.
by scorpio810 on 23/10/2016 at 20:06:21

je tenais à vous tenir informé que la collection QET s'est enrichie d'environ 1040 nouveaux éléments thermique et fluide (eau, gaz, clim, etc) svn 4757.

Ce magnifique travail a été réalisé par Rafael Ferrando , que je remercie au passage chaleureusement pour son partage, pour ses étudiants en formation professionnelle. Les symboles sont traduits pour l'instant seulement en espagnol et catalan et devraient être bientôt traduits dans les 18 autres langues par l’équipe de QET.

Vous les trouverez dans le répertoire de la collection_officielle > energy > water > Termicas-Fluidos2_Rafa

Code :
laurent@debian:~/Qet-svn/qet_directory$ ./                 
3836 elements dans 492 categories (soit 4328 fichiers)

Enjoy ! : )
[EN] new look of the website
by Nuri on 09/10/2016 at 22:32:39
we are currently working on the new look of the site much of which is already visible now : )

We hope that the operation of the site will not be affected. If this is still the case, we apologize in advance.

Further changes will follow.
[FR] nouvelle apparence du site web
by Nuri on 09/10/2016 at 22:30:59

nous travaillons actuellement sur la nouvelle apparence du site dont une bonne partie est déjà visible actuellement : )

Nous esperons que le fonctionnement du site n'en sera pas affecté. Si c'est malgré tout le cas, nous nous en excusons par avance.

D'autres modifications suivront.
Folios non consecutive numbering, new dock collection element (EN)
by Nuri on 29/05/2016 at 11:48:37

here are some good news since the last posted message.

Hilário joined the team and is in charge of the translation in brasilian portuguese. The GUI is almost completely translated and activated in the software.

Davi joined also the team, but as software developer. He will add (and has already added) some new functionalities to titleblocks, component numbering, etc.

In the project properties, tab cross references, the new variable %F was added to differentiate %{folio-id} from %folio.

The variable %f corresponds to the variable "%{folio-id}" available in the titleblock: it's the numerical position of the folio in the project. Its value is dynamicaly updated when the order of folios is changed.
The new variable %F corresponds to the variable "%folio" available in the titleblock. %F stores a constant that is not updated when the order of folios is changed.

Thus, it is possible for the user to number folios the way he wants:
with numbers and non continuous numbering, with letters (*/=-+) or a mix of both, or something else!

A new tool allows to create several new folios in one action. This tool takes the user parameters (folio properties) and numbering rules into account by creating the new folios.

Here is a video example:

From now on, the user can configure the text format of the cross references as he wants.
It is valid also for the auto numbering functionality of conductors.


The texts of cross references can now be longer as before without overlapping symbols.


In the element properties widget, the variables %f %F %l %c can be used in the field information.

The csv export to the nomenclature (parts list) takes these variables into account.

The long and hard work made by Joshua to build a new element panel is now finished and is very valuable.

This new panel manages the element collections and the old one manages the project view and the titleblock collections.

All the panels can be arranged by the user the way he wants: one over the others as tabs, one above and one below as split view, or detached from the main window when a HDPI or several displays are used.

As a result of the new panel, the RAM consumption of QET decreases from more than 1GB to about 30MB at program startup.

Yes, you read it right!!! :woot:

Here on MS Windows:


The reason is simple: at program startup, the element pixmaps are not generated anymore. They are only created when the collection tree is explored.
Even if the whole collection tree is opened, the RAM consumption does not exceed 300MB.

The startup time of QET is also reduced by this improvement. Only about 7 sec. on Laurent's computer:

laurent@debian:~$ time qelectrotech

real 0m8.926s
user 0m6.920s
sys 0m0.136s

* Once the editing of an element is finished, it is automaticaly updated in the panel and is ready to be dragged & dropped onto the folio.
* Copying folders of elements is also made instantly so that they are updated on the fly.
In the most cases, there is no need to reload the collections anymore.

A memory leak was found and solved thank the competence of Mehdi.

Enjoy! : )

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