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Financement nouvelle machine de build
by scorpio810 on 10/04/2019 at 23:12:40
we call for your help .; - )

J 'ai longtemps refusé de créer une cagnotte qui nous serait destinée, mais en fait, pourquoi pas ? Si certains souhaitent soutenir QElectrotTech et le travail que nous apportons, qui nous prends tout notre temps libre pour vous fournir gratuitement des améliorations de votre éditeur électrique préféré multi-plateforme, c'est le moment.



J'ai opté pour un pc plateforme amd Theadripper 32/64T qui coûte dans l'ensemble environ  3500€ . Je peux financer une partie, mais helas pas tout. Je laisse donc ouvert la cagnotte quelques mois.

Il permettra de réduire par 4 les temps très importants de cross_compilations pour vos paquets Windows et mac_OS ansi que les nombreux essais d'ajout de  frameworks et de nouvelles features dont vous êtes très friands, et améliorer les packages.

L'ancienne machine ryzen 1700X 8/16 threads serait ensuite envoyé au développeur principal en remplacement du vieux AMD FX 8350 8c/8T.

Je vous remercie pour votre soutien. 

 : )
QElectroTech version 0.61 released
by scorpio810 on 23/08/2018 at 00:30:05
Dear QET users ,

QET Team is pleased to announce the maintenance  version for release of QElectroTech 0.60.

====== ChangeLog from 0.6 to 0.61 ======

* Backport HiDPI fix.
* Backport commit 5284 : Fix bug N° 157.
* Backport commit 5307 : Function for search conductor at the same potential.
When the search function is searching in a terminal element, they search only for the first terminal found, no matter if the terminal element have more than two terminals.
So the list of conductors at the same potential is missing some conductors.
This commit fix it, now the search function search for every terminals of a terminal element 
* Backport commit 5311, 5312 : elements connections change propertie to terminal, fixed by commit svn 5307 

* GCC 8.1 fix

Sources tarball for mainstream packagers :
by scorpio810 on 19/07/2018 at 02:47:49

for Linux we offer AppImages of version 0.5, 0.6 and the development version 0.7 that should run on any reasonable recent distributions.

AppImage is a format for distributing portable software on Linux without needing superuser permissions to install the application.
It tries also to allow Linux distribution-agnostic binary software deployment for application developers, also called Upstream packaging.

Using appimages it is easy to have several versions installed at the same time, i.e.: create work using the current version, 
use the old version to edit old work without losing compatibility for other users still on the old version, and try out the development version.

Just download the version you want.
make it executable .

Code :
$ chmod a+x QElectroTech_0.*.AppImage

and launch AppImage

Code :
$ ./QElectroTech_0.7-r5444-x86_64.AppImage 

More informations for AppImage executable arguments :

Enjoy ! : )
QElectroTech version 0.6 released
by scorpio810 on 06/03/2018 at 13:01:09
Dear QET users ,

QET Team is pleased to announce the release of QElectroTech 0.6.

It's been months that I decline to launch this release because of the titanic work it would take to explain in detail all the changes, sorry, but it is very difficult after two years of work to list all the improvements, changes, bug fixes , and will require a lot of explanations ... but this will have improved software stability in the meantime. 

Short changelog  :

In the official collection, there are now 4106 elements, and 539 categoris for a total of 4645 files

  • Improved performance, added multithreading to speed up the loading of items when launching QET.
  • RAM consumption has been considerably reduced.
  • New "collections" panel.
  • Automatic numberings (autonum), Variables and prefix, thanks Davi.
  • Folio generator, thanks Davi.
  • Management Policy, thanks Davi.
  • New thickness properties for conductors.
  • The thickness of the lines of all basic shapes (lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons) can be changed from 0,2px to 50,0px.
  • The color of lines and fillings of basic shapes can be choosed from a color palette or set with a html color code.
  • Added Copy/paste from another project.
  • Online documentation and links to download the latest packages of the version under development for Windows and MacOS are available directly from the software.
  • Resetting the layout of the summary pages.
  • In the panel left split the view into a several docks.
  • High-DPI support (Qt 5.6.0), better suport is planned for future 0.7 release with Gabberworld help. backport fix here :
  • New python plugin to generate terminal block,  thanks Raul.
  • Ronny improve DXF to elmt converter.
  • Windows packages are now created (2 years) on a Debian operating system using MXE cross-compilation and targeted to make executable binary files for these operating systems.
  • This technical evolution allows a significant time saving during the creation of the packages with latest Qt 5.10.1 environment for Windows 10. And we can provide also in the same time Windows XP and Vista packages by cross-compil with Qt 5.7.1 environment ( We do not abandon those who can not afford to renew their OS and their machines), but sometime this isn't easy.: (
  • The Mac OS X executable binary files are created on a virtual environment, moved compiler to latest LLVM clan version, improved dmg packages with added Info.plist.
  • An annoying memory leak has been found and solved. Afters hours of use, some users noticed that the RAM consumption growed steadily, up to 10GB or more. This problem is now solved.
  • New spashscreen and  a new set of icons for software, Thanks Nuri.

Thanks a lot to all those who report bugs, patches, ideas, elements, translators by their work, packagers, and those who support us with their donations.

It's all of you who do what QET is and will be. : )

The new web site is on the road, and will be available soon, thanks Nuri.

Enjoy !
QElectroTech version 0.6 Release Candidate 4 released
by scorpio810 on 15/01/2018 at 11:47:38

Nous avons décidé de faire une toute dernière release candidate.
les paquets de la version 0.6-RC4 sont disponibles en téléchargement.
Corrections de bugs, refonte complète des icônes de l'interface, ajout de symboles, traduction de nombreux éléments (es, en).

Plus de détail :

Enjoy ! : )


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