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QElectroTech v0.3 alpha released
by xavier on 13/05/2012 at 00:48:55

Here we are, 26 months after 0.22, releasing the 0.3 version. Oh, just an alpha to start out: we made enough changes to deserve a test period. So, feel free to download this version, and do not hesitate to report any bug you would encounter.

A few links:

QElectroTech needs you
by xavier on 03/05/2012 at 21:19:54

Today, the QElectroTech project would like to sum up its needs in terms of contributors. We are currently looking for:

A translation manager, i.e. someone who would welcome new translators, teach them how to contribute, help them when they encounter difficulties, ensure they are still active, etc. Required skills:
  • Being able to read and write correctly in English; French is appreciated
  • Knowledge of Subversion (at least enough to teach it)
  • Knowledge of subtleties inherent to text files (encoding, carriage returns, BOM, etc.) -- this can be taught in a few hours though.
  • Availability and patience

A native English translator: in order to check every English sentence produced by the project, be it part of translations, news or documents, we need someone whose native language is English and could therefore be authoritative about "the right way to say it". Required skills:
  • Being born in the right place I guess?
  • Electrical knowledge is an asset

Documentation writers: while we try to make the software as intuitive as possible, end users may appreciate relying on a well-written documentation. Our current status regarding this point is: chaotic. Of course, writing documentation is not enough: we are looking for people interested into writing, maintaining and updating documentation. Required skills:
  • Pedagogy
  • Good sense of writing and spelling
  • Self-organization

Formal testers: we currently have no procedure (be it manual or automated) to test all aspects of our application. Since it is a standard GUI application, all known-and-popular techniques used in the web development world do not apply; we do not have any tool or methodology in mind, so volunteers would be free to organize the way they want.

C++/Qt developers: well, this one is pretty simple: if you feel like "Hmm, I could change this or that in this software, I'd just have to hack this part of the code" when trying QElectroTech, then you are certainly a good candidate. Required skills:
  • Subversion (sorry Git-fanboys... you can still use git-svn)
  • C++: don't be afraid, you don't have to be an expert at structures sizes, padding, virtual tables, private inheritance, reinterpret_cast, templates, mainly because...
  • Qt: makes a lot of things easier.

A MacOS packager/tester/maybe-developer: I stopped counting people who applied for this position; nevertheless, we are still looking for an active, available and efficient MacOS packager. Required skills:
  • Living in the Apple world, I guess?
  • Being able to regularly produce an usable and consistent MacOS package
  • Programming skills are an asset

Let's finish with some common requirements: some projects live through their mailing lists, other live through real-life meetings, audio and video conferences, ... the QElectroTech project lives on its IRC channel. Therefore, anyone who wants to seriously contribute to the project is supposed to be present as much as possible on the IRC channel. It is not as difficult as it sounds: it mainly implies reading what happened while you were away.

That's it. You may apply by sending an informal mail to Stay tuned, we should have interesting news in the next weeks : - )
Electricity sucks, let's play guitar instead!
by xavier on 01/04/2012 at 12:24:36

Today is an important day. Today, the QElectroTech team is pleased to announce the whole project will be renamed to QMusicArt and become a music partition editor. Indeed, thanks to many external contributions, we found out that QElectroTech could be used for non-electrotechnic purposes, ranging from hydraulic to network engineering, without forgetting music. The QElectroTech team members unanimously decided to focus on the musical domain because:
  • it's cool
  • musicians always get all the chicks
  • err... it's cool, y'know?
  • have we mentioned the chicks yet?

By the way, we intend to release QMusicArt much more often we did for QElectroTech: we expect at least one stable release per month !

Well, whatever, we let you appreciate the power of QElectroTech in the music kingdom:
Thanks to Pawel for lending us his latest piece of art ;)

Edit: it was, of course, our April's fool : - )
Happy birthday, 0.22
by xavier on 13/03/2012 at 21:43:58
This is quite a shameful birthday. Two years ago we were releasing the 0.22 version of QElectroTech. Of course, this means two years without the urgent need to release a 0.23 version to fix a major problem in our current stable version. But this means a two-years gap without a release. This has also meant relatively long periods with no news. Still, the project is alive: new commits appear in our 0.3 branch (alas unmonitored by some tools like Ohloh), builds for Windows and Debian are regularly produced, new threads pop in the forum, new translators apply to translate the application...

The next stable version (0.3) has been delayed several times, due to incompleteness compared to the always-moving roadmap, and lack of time on my own. The recent improvements were not judged sufficient to tag the 0.3 version right now: the title block template system still needs a bit of polishing, texts-related improvements have to be fully tested again, printing has to be checked against regressions and recently reported problems, etc. However, no major feature shall be added to the current 0.3 branch in order to get a release-compatible version of QElectroTech as soon as possible. Stay tuned ; - )
Drolumadaires are one-hump blowtorches.
by xavier on 24/02/2012 at 07:26:45

Once again, our talent helped us pulverize all of our previous records with a total of 137 days without any news nor any signs of life... apart from the forum, bugtracker and Subversion repository, since we have actually been quite productive : - )
Let's begin with some figures:
  • 157 commits;
  • the elements collection now contains 1258 elements within 202 categories
  • The "diff" between the C++ sources at the time of the last news and the sources now is 18032 lines-long.

Yes, 18000 lines! Ok, there is the Unified Diff context. And the copyright-change-that-occurs-on-each-new-year too. But it mainly includes the long-waited WYSIWYG title block template editor:


... along with the following features:
  • access to editors through the systray menu
  • new system and user wide collections dedicated to title block templates
  • ability to open/save a template from/to a regular file
  • ability to apply a template by drag'n drop
  • automatic integration into the parent project when dropping a template onto a diagram
  • ability to clean unused templates within a project
  • etc.

Basically, title block templates are managed exactly like elements : - ) There is still some work to be done, but it is already pretty usable.

The "elements panel" (which we could rename to "everything you may access panel") was also refactored to make the creation of tree-based widgets easier. The main consequences for end users are:
  • a sensible speedup of the element editor's Open/Save dialogs (which were not using the SQLite cache mentioned in the previous news);
  • after having filtered the panel, the tree returns to its initial state instead of keeping almost every item expanded.

Last but not least, a new contributor named Mohamed Souabni began translating the application in arabic, bringing the need to check and fix existing layouts to ensure the application remains consistent in a Right-to-Left fashion:


By the way: the topic will hardly make sense for anyone on Earth.

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