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0000083QElectroTechwebsitepublic2021-02-15 00:50
ReporterMorganol Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinux 4.7.4, Qt 5.6.1, kf5.26.0OSMageia 6, Plasma 5.7.95OS Version6 (Cauldron)
Product VersionSVN/trunk 
Fixed in VersionSVN/trunk 
Summary0000083: style/(translation?): Menu "File > Recently opened > " wording
DescriptionThis is word nit-picking / style / polish :

Menu choice "Recently opened" also lists new saved (never yet opened) files.
Perfectly like users expect :)

I just suggest the menu entry to better describe what it do, like
"Recently used > "
( "used" instead of "opened" )

Some other programs use other expressions like
"Open latest > "
"Latest files >"

(Maybe it is different tradition in french programs
 - maybe a new file is considered "opened" ?
 I have never seen it in english or swedish)
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