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0000275QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2022-11-11 18:58
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PlatformiMacOSMacOSOS Version 12.6.1
Summary0000275: Element properties window always in the middle of the screen
DescriptionQElectroTech V 0.90-DEV r57929e6e3 on MacOS.

The properties/reference/information window is always opened and nailed in the middle of the screen.
It is not moveable and trying to resize it cause a symmetric change, on both sides.
Steps To ReproducePlace an element (i.e. a relay coil), doble click on it or, right-clicking select "edit element".
The window opens and covers the element.
Additional InformationI have encountered that problem only on Mac.
The linux version seems to work correctly. The window is draggable.
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2022-11-11 10:30

administrator   ~0000588

In settings -> Display un check Selection properties
Now check again and move it under other tabs
macos_properties.png (258,995 bytes)   
macos_properties.png (258,995 bytes)   


2022-11-11 18:58

reporter   ~0000589

The first oparation make the the edit window disappear from the side panel.
The second oparation make the the edit window riappear in the side panel.

Dragging the edit window out of the panel it looks right, and has the red button on the title bar.

But, if I doubleclik on one element, the "wrong" locked in place window pops up.
To avoid the problem I have to select an element (one click, no double clik) and edit it by the window in the side panel.

Note the ghosted background when the locked-in-place window pos up.

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