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0000267QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2022-08-25 01:27
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PlatformKDE NeonnOSLinuxOS Version5.15.0-46-generi
Summary0000267: Diagram editor color choices
DescriptionDiagram editor UI and color choices should be customisable with QT css or other configurable interface. Display-> "Background Color White/Gray" offers multiple eyestrain modes that are not user health friendly.
Steps To ReproduceSetting "Background Color White/Gray" to option "White" sets the editor display to high contrast black lines on white text with optional grid. This mode induces eye strain if users is using darker desktop display options where other UI elements are dark.

Setting "Background Color White/Gray" to option "Gray" sets the editor display to extremely low contrast with gray background and black lines. This mode induces eye strain with insufficient contrast.
Additional InformationRecommend adding or exposing configurables to abstractly define Web or RGB colors. Currently they appear to be hard coded.

A brief look at source, /master/sources/diagram.cpp reveals the following classes as possible points to help remove static definition.

Using as a reference.

Background and Foreground line color pen hard coded for graphical shapes.

Drawing background hard coded choices.

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