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0000261QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2022-04-10 22:17
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Summary0000261: Use pdf as background
DescriptionIn many cases i would like to update a existing schematic of a customer machine or building installation. In those cases i get a exported or scanned pdf with the original schematic and would like to add some plc io pins or a new coil with contact or similar.
To avoid building up the whole schematic with over 200 pages or something in qelectrotech i would like to import the original schematic as background for the foils and use some white areas to remove original contacts or something and add own components later.
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2022-04-10 12:15

administrator   ~0000556

Imported PDF not but you can convert your PDF to image:


2022-04-10 12:17

reporter   ~0000557

Yes, i saw that image import. But with this image import i have to import every image one by one. Some kind of import assistant to create the pages in schematic would be useful


2022-04-10 13:02

reporter   ~0000558

One more point on this: When i add the original pdf as image only i am not able to select text on this anymore. This is useful when i got the original pdf as export from other cad system. When importing something like this it might help to get option to remove text and items from this import


2022-04-10 22:17

administrator   ~0000559

A workaround is to convert the PDF file into DXF files, and then convert these DXFs into QET elements elmt ...

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