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0000242QElectroTechElement Editorpublic2021-09-11 18:33
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PlatformQElectroTech V 0.90-DEV+f3811d30OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Version11 (bullseye)
Summary0000242: Prefix for User Collection
While trying to add a prefix for custom created elements, I encountered a BUG:
when the top most category of the custom element is the same as the qet library (`10_electric`), `~/.qet/elements/qet_labels.xml` is ignored.
[example: `~/.qet/elements/10_electric/my_category/` <- the `<prefix>` for my_category is only applied, when I rename `10_electric` -> `electric`]

I tried to replicate the default library's structure, because I plan to submit the elements once they are mature.

Is it possible, to add an option to set the Element's prefix in the Element Editor
"Element Properties -> Type"?

Rationale: Setting a Prefix for a user created element is currently cumbersome:
One has to manually (or by script) create the `qet_labels.xml`.
It is error prone, and not managed by the software.

This feature would improve usability a lot.

May be related to 0000114, I do not fully understand the message there.
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