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0000207QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2020-10-31 11:04
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Summary0000207: Implement add folio before or after selected folio
DescriptionI running into an issue related to working in QElectroTech. I have got multiple projects with about 250 folios inside one single file. This is working fine in QElectroTech but... when adding an additional folio inside in between two folios is really a "pain".

I would like to suggest to add a button for adding a folio before or after the folio selected.

See my screenshot for the example.
Steps To ReproduceSituation:
  • Project with 250 folios
  • Adding a page on position 128.

  • Current situation:
  • Add a folio at the end lets say number 250.
  • I have two options:
  • Option 01: Use the "move up this folio x10" multiple times to get near position 128.
  • Option 02: Dragging with the mouse.

  • In my opinion, not the most efficient way of doing this simple operation.

    Feature requested situation:
  • Select folio 127.
  • Use the new option called "add folio after this folio".
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    2020-10-22 08:59


    GUI Example.png (230,048 bytes)   
    GUI Example.png (230,048 bytes)   

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