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0000182QElectroTechtranslationpublic2020-01-30 16:33
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OSWindows 10 64bitOS VersionGerman 
Summary0000182: incorrect translations in titleblocks
DescriptionUsing QET V0.70 with the default titleblock I found that the Author label is displayed as "Author" also if the language is set to German. The correct translation to German is "Autor".
After uninstalling QET V0.70 and deleting all relating folders, I downloaded Installer_QElectroTech-0.80-DEV_x86_64-win64+git6124-1.exe and installed it.
I looked into the titleblock files in the installation folder and found the following bugs:

line 11
                <translation lang="de">Author</translation>
change to
                <translation lang="de">Autor</translation>

line 53
                <translation lang="de">Author</translation>
change to
                <translation lang="de">Autor</translation>
In this file the incorrect term "Datei" is used where it correctly should be "Autor":
line 499
                <translation lang="de">Datei</translation>
change to
                <translation lang="de">Autor</translation>
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