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Summary0000171: Print/export to pdf from command line
DescriptionFirstly: thanks for the great software!

I would like to make a request to implement a print to pdf from command line functionality. At the moment the only option is to use the gui to export to pdf. We would like to use Qelectrotech in combination with Siemens Teamcenter to approve/create revisions and automatically generate a pdf export which can be sent to the customer. Would this be possible?

Thanks in advance,
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Hello Ruud,

thanks for compliments.

If you want the terminal to be in silent mode, I think no it is not possible, the program needs to be launched to perform its rendering calculations, creating Xrefs, links, and other, etc after it can draw the different scenes to print.

Perhaps if we have time to add it in future a possible commandline :

qelectrotech /home/laurent/temp/test.qet --pdf_print --orientation::landscape --marginleft --fullpage :: true, etc 

BTW, there are programs to automate certain tasks.


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