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0000145QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2018-03-29 16:30
Assigned Toblack_sun 
PlatformAMD FX6200 OSdebian stretch x64OS VersionGnome 3.22.2
Product VersionSVN/trunk 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000145: Problem with coming and going arrows variable
Descriptionwhen i try to make variables like in this Video
then working it on the going side, but in the coming side they changed variables value.
See the picture in the attachment.

When i open the element in the Editor or with text editor, is already ok.
[code=<definition type="element" hotspot_x="3" orientation="dyyy" version="0.70" link_type="previous_report" hotspot_y="5" height="10" width="20"> <uuid uuid="{c068171c-8fc4-47fa-8c0c-8cc8fc28a365}"/> <names> <name lang="en">Coming arrow</name> <name lang="pl">Wej?cie adresowe</name> <name lang="it">Foglio precedente</name> <name lang="fr">Folio précédent</name> <name lang="el">??????????? ??????</name> <name lang="ar">?????? ???????</name> <name lang="nl">Referentie Vorig</name> <name lang="de">Vorherige Folie</name> <name lang="ru">?????????? ????????</name> <name lang="es">folio anterior</name> <name lang="cs">P?edchozí list</name> </names> <informations>Author: The QElectroTech team License: see http://qelectrotech.org/wiki/doc/elements_license</informations> <description> <polygon y4="-3" antialias="true" y1="-3" style="line-style:normal;line-weight:normal;filling:black;color:black" y2="3" x1="-1" x2="-1" y3="0" x3="9" x4="-1"/> <line antialias="false" y1="0" style="line-style:normal;line-weight:normal;filling:none;color:black" end2="none" y2="0" end1="none" length1="1.5" x1="8" x2="11" length2="1.5"/> <input tagg="tension-protocol" x="5" y="-5" size="5" rotate="true" text="()" /> <input tagg="function" x="-32" y="0" size="6" rotate="true" text="/" /> <input tagg="function" x="-49" y="0" size="6" rotate="true" text="_" /> <terminal x="12" orientation="e" y="0"/> </description> </definition>][/code]

But when i insert it it changed the "tagg" value.

This worked always for me but i don't know with wich update it no more works.
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scorpio810 (administrator)

Hello Max,

isn't the same problem ?


scorpio810 (administrator)

When you copy a element like report folio, tag label is replaced by a dynamic text user.


max (reporter)

This solved the problem.

But i'm confused, in the QET library for the text where come from or where is going, is used the dynamic text field.

A big help for all users a little list how to use variables in:
  1. editor
  2. diagram
  3. templates

Or is there already one?


max (reporter)

Sorry, problem is not solved.
I think the problem comes from connector elements.

Connectors with more pins give properties not to the next wire.
See in picture.


max (reporter)

project attached


scorpio810 (administrator)

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Yes we know if you use a connector with 3 or 4 terminal you need to add yourself conductor properties, name voltage/tension, etc.



max (reporter)

This is a big bug. I hope this is in progress?

You can close ID 0000145, it's solved.

Thanks for very fast help!

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