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0000137QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2017-02-01 12:21
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PlatformQt5.6.2, kf5.29.0, Plasma5.8.5, OS64bit, Linux4.9.6, gcc5.4.0,OS VersionXorg 1.19.1, Mageia6 (dev)
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Summary0000137: Crash when making connector
I delete a conductor and make another -> crash
Repeatable 100% doing like on the attached video in that file, which i have saved if you need.
(note to self: IVL Sheman-31.qet)

I have not yet seen it happening when i do like that on other elements/conductors
If time permit i will try to make a small project and see what makes this happen.
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2017-02-01 12:21


qet001-2017-02-01_12.11.13.mkv (465,839 bytes)

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