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0000142QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2017-07-18 13:192018-03-29 16:33
Assigned Toblack_sun_2012 
PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS Version7
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Summary0000142: linked conductor not update if use autonum with %id
Descriptionif you use conductor autonum with %id

when you change folio id, drag 1/2 folio to 2/2 folio

1st conductor updated number of it self correctly

but linked folio not change number as 1st conductor.
Steps To Reproduce1. create 1st Folio "Title A", (1/1)

2. create conductor's autonum fomula "%id"

3. create incoming element, (a1)

4. create outgoing element, (a10)

5. connect conductor from (a1) to (a10)

 - this will create autonum = "1"

6. create 2nd Folio "Title B", (2/2)

7. use autonum conductor which created in step 2

8. create incoming elecment, (b1)

9. link (b1) to (a10)

10. create outgoing element, (b10)

11. connect conductor from (b1) to (b10)

 - this will create conductor with number "1", as step 5

12. move down folio "Title A" to after "Title B"

 - "Title A" conductor will update conductor to "2" as folio id

 !!! but "Title B" which link to conductor of "Title A" still show "1"

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