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0000108QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2016-10-20 00:452017-01-30 19:44
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PlatformQt5.6.1, kf5.27.0, Plasma5.8.1, OSLinux 4.8.2, gcc 5.4.0, OS VersionMageia 6 (devel)
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Summary0000108: For wide conductors the automatic joining dot is too small/invisible

At conductor width => 6 a cross do not get a visible joining dot.

(and a T is not looking very god; blob only on the flat side, not in angles)


I think the dot diameter should be something like 2 + ( 3 x conductor_width )

This wide conductors are not much used, but right now really nice when I am drawing process piping where some tubes are much bigger than the thin lines. :)
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2016-10-20 10:18   
Thoughts about dot size formula:
There must be a ofset so dots on thin conductors are relatively big, for visibility.
The multiplication factor must not be too big so joints get clumsy, and not too small.
- joint ger invisible at cross if its diameter is smaller than sqrt(2)*line_width.

So i change my mind about formula: i guess multiplication factor of about 2 is probably better
and add an ofset of about 2 px. (if px is the unit of line width)
2017-01-30 19:44   
Could you send us a patch?

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